duct cleaning technician in midland ontarioAir ducts are among the most essential fittings in your home and the air that they supply goes into your lungs one of the most sensitive of the body’s systems. Ducts circulate air but they can also circulate particulate and organic matter such as mold spores, dirt and dust mites. These are all things you do not those entering into your lungs. You should hire a professional technician to have your dirty ducts cleaned, you can find the best duct cleaning in Midland, Ontario by visiting MidlandConnect.ca for more information.

The major problem with dirty ducts is that you may not be able to see these incredibly small pollutants so they’re easy to ignore, but they’re the reason why regular cleaning of air ducts is incredibly important. Let’s take a closer look at why regular air duct maintenance is essential.

1. Dust and Mites: Allergens That Can Affect Your Health

You may not want to hear this but the average home accumulates around 40LBS of dust, allergens, and dirt every year (more good news a whole lot of that is human skin). You will be breathing those in.

In fact, an EPA study has shown that levels of dust mites in the home are higher than outside (that’s right they’re dining on that skin you shed). Dust mites can cause allergic reactions and asthma all through the year. In short, your home is a dirt trap you need to take action to keep the problem under control.

Clean air ducts are essential for keeping dust mites under control and ensure that the air you are breathing is as pure as possible. However, research is necessary to find the correct company to supply cleaning services. Many companies use harsh chemicals to clean ducts and those chemicals can make breathing problems worse.

When the sealants break down the chemicals begin to circulate throughout the home this is the reason we use state of the art vacuums to clean ducts, furnaces, evaporator coils, vent covers and blowers no harsh chemicals.

2. Clean Ducts Mean Lower Levels of Pollution

The pollution levels in your home are due to air contamination from a mix of possible sources that can affect the air quality. Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) has a distinct effect on our health and that quality is affected by factors such as temperature (and humidity), the quality of air circulation systems and ventilation system issues.

Contaminants such as chemicals, molds and dust and bacteria (among others) play their part in air quality. Poor air quality can lead to conditions such as dry or irritated eyes, nasal issues (such as sinusitis), throat soreness, skin irritation and a host of other conditions affecting the upper respiratory tract (sneezing and coughing being two).

Chemicals, gas and smoke (man made or natural) all contribute to pollution. An EPA study showed that there are other dangers as well, for instance after using paint stripping chemicals the levels of solvents in the air can be 1,000 times higher indoors (when compared to normal levels outdoors). Cleaning your ducts is vital.

Our technicians can help to further enhance the quality of air in your home by installing air purifiers that use UV light to clean and sterilize air and kill potentially harmful bacteria and viruses.

3. Clean Air Ducts For A More Efficient HVAC System

If it has been years since the last time that you had your HVAC system cleaned you will be aghast at its condition. Not only is it not performing properly, but it is also costing you money due to its inefficiency. Clean air ducts help to maximize the efficiency of the HVAC system.

Cleaning ducts means greater efficiency fans work more efficiently and air quality is improved. We offer a free inspection that will provide you with the information you need to decide if it’s time for a service.

4. Get a Great Return on Investment.

If you are in the market for a new home or want to sell your existing property then it’s time to take a good look at your ducting system. You need to make sure that the home that you buy has a ducting system that provides great air quality.

Ask the seller if the ducts have been cleaned. On the flip side of the coin maximize your return on investment by informing the potential buyer that the air ducts have been cleaned.

Then there is the case of renovations. Debris left over from renovations creates dust and the renovation process itself can be a nightmare when it comes to airborne particles. Demolishing drywall and particleboard can create havoc when it comes to those airborne particles. Make sure that your ducts are in perfect order prior to undertaking that much needed renovation.

5. Save Money In The Long Run

It’s no secret that home budgets are under huge pressure today but having your air ducts cleaned by a reliable company in Midland, Ontario, Canada can actually save you money when it comes to those monthly bills. Air ducts need to be cleaned every three to five years at the bare minimum.

That sort of servicing ensures that your HVAC system operates at maximum efficiency and that efficiency can save you a fortune when it comes to power usage and the cost of repair due to inadequate maintenance. You will pay in the region of $10,00 to replace the HVAC system of the average home, don’t neglect the basics as far as maintenance is concerned.

Remember that 40LBS of dirty and contaminants? Don’t expose your family to the risk of illness. Save money and take care of those near and dear have your air ducts cleaned by professionals.